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Museum of Emigration and rural life

Castle of Imperiale

Museum of Emigration and rural life

Museum of Emigration and rural life What We Do !

The Museum of Emigration and rural life:
A small reality of great value ...

IThe museum has been set up at the first floor of the Castle of Imperiale. This project has been promoted by the city of Sant’Angelo with the support of several partners of Irpinia area : the Social Cooperative Intra, the Gal Cilsi, the Asforin, the rotary club of Irpinia, the Italian-American Mario Fischetti and other public and private authorities .
Every partner had been involved in the promotion and the realization of an important Cultural centre of collection, research and experimentation of the internal areas. The aim of this centre is to tell the stories of women and men who had lived in these areas, focusing, obviously, on the emigration phenomenon.

  • The collection

    The collection is composed by approximately 200 objects, among which are present pictures, letters, suitcases, tickets, passports . All these elements tell about the phenomenon of emigration and rural culture of Irpinia area in the early XX century.

  • Didactics

    Since its opening, the Museum , has been showing a great interest in didactics, indeed it offers tours fitted for any scholastic degree.

  • Place

    Until the earthquake of 1980, around the castle there was a trapezoidal courtyard that was constituted by three full- centre marble arches that permitted the upstairs access where there was a loggia with arches that fell down after the earthquake of 1980. During the age of Caracciolo, the Castle was subject to changes that contributed to changing its medieval appearance and it was transformed into a sumptuous aristocratic residence. In this period were built the open gallery, the stairway with a carved balustrade, the stables and the construction of the new entry. A commemorative plaque reminded the works of improvement and transformation completed during the age of the Imperiale Princes, in the XVIII century.

  • Our method

    The museum gives great attention to the scholastic world and it has the aim to maintain ah high quality level of the educational courses on offer. The different details of the tours procedure are characterized by an high level of interactivity and involvement that is useful to satisfy every student necessity.

  • Classic museum trip…

    The “classic” museum trip is the visit of the museum rooms, in which a hundred objects abot emigration and rural life, from the early XX century up to our times, have been collected. There is also the chance to visit the Romanesque Church, the Museum of Castle Area and the Lapidarium. The trip will be organized and personalised according to the age of the visitors.

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Immerse yourself in history, a step in the future, reviving the splendors that the ancient walls of the Imperial Castle have been able to preserve and tell !

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