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Castle of Imperiale

Castle of Imperiale Monumental Complex

Castle of Imperiale

Our History Castle of Imperiale

The phenomenon of encastellation derived from the destruction of the political and territorial structure of Roman Age , happened between the III and the VI century a.D. . It represents a defensive architecture.
In that period the “Miles” together with local potentates started building the so called “Castra” in order to repel Barbarian and Arabian invasions. In the course of time, castra became fortified villages settled on high grounds far from transport routes. In other cases villages were edified on pre-exhistent structures adapted to a defensive purpose.
After the earthquake of 1980, the castle was included in a local program of renovation. During the works , archaeological digs revealed the presence of a necropolis. During the IX- XI century the territory was contested between the Dukedom of Benevento and the Principality of Salerno. At the end, the Castle of Sant’Angelo was included in the Principality of Salerno together with other castles of Irpinia
With the arrival of Norman populations in the XI century a.D. , the architectural complexity of the castle increased and new elements were introduced as for example some stonework and the Cathedral of XI century a.D found under the courtyard of the edifice. During the centuries a lot of the buildings had been converted in the residences of feudatories (XV- XVII century a.D.) . some of the most peculiar elements of the castle are the Norman tower, the huge central courtyard and several emblems and basrelieves that characterize the decoration, with representations of weapons and noble symbols, placed on the balcony of the castle.
during the next centuries, the different dominations ( angioini and aragonesi) and several natural disaster, as the earthquake of 1456, determined an interchange of costruction and re-organization of the internal spaces . The castle had been the abode of the Neapolitan family Conte Caracciolo del sole and of the Imperiale Family in the XIX century , so it started being more a noble abode than a military building. Nowadays the castle represents a fundamental element of the urban centre of Sant’Angelo dei Lombardi .


Immerse yourself in history, a step in the future, reviving the splendors that the ancient walls of the Imperial Castle have been able to preserve and tell !

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